Intermediate BJJ Training: Blue Belt

What to Expect as a Blue Belt

While the white belt phase is all about getting introduced to many new skills and techniques, the blue belt phase is about selecting from that buffet of material and moves that best suit you, and spending many hours developing them into your tools. There's an old adage about genius, that is takes about 10,000 hours of practice to master.

In Judo it has been estimated that 5000 reps of a given technique were required for proficiency. The blue belt is the most dynamic and critical rank, perhaps the most important in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and generally speaking will take 300-400 mat hours.

The sign that you're closing in on your purple belt is that your guard is becoming very difficult to pass. You will be using your feet as hooks, and be feeling balance much better than you ever did. The blue belt closing in on a purple belt is someone who can handle a non-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler, like a wrestler, from the guard maintaining the position. Hip shifts should be fluid, the opponent's ankle lock attempts should be spotted and nullified, and the opponent's balance should be being regularly tested.

Again, these are subjective measures you will be trusting the eyes of your mentors to point out to you to improve your game.

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